Margareta Ternström was born in 1933 in Stockholm and studied art in Stockholm,
London and New York. She had her first exhibition in Hong Kong in 1967.
This was followed by a series of exhibitions held in London, Paris, Tunis,
Monte Carlo and New York. She has also had exhibitions at different museums
and art galleries in Sweden. Since the early 2000s, Margareta Ternström’s
artistic medium has mainly been computer art. Her later art production is often
characterized by circular forms of cosmic dimensions that open up windows unto
the unknown for the viewer.Her fascination for subjects of infinitely large
proportions as well as for subjects which are invisible to the naked eye
is clearly evident in her art.

Her work is a constant interplay between the conscious and the unconscious
and can symbolize not only the inner human soul but also the outer universe
or unknown worlds. Through her art, Margareta Ternström
portrays visual fantasies of the cosmos from the infinite to the infinitesimal.
Her desire is to interpret what is unimaginably large and what is unimaginably small.
Her work reveals an interest in Jung’s interpretation of symbols and new scientific
interpretations of space and unknown worlds
as well as experiences of all the different places around the world where she has lived.

In a presentation in Swedish published 2010
(Margareta Ternström en konstnär och hennes verk by Margareta Damberg),
we can trace her progress as an artist and see examples of her work
from different periods spanning over five decades.
This could be seen as a journey through time and space,
with influences from a series of different environments and cultures
from her childhood home with her mothers sculpture studio,
her own studies in art and lengthy periods spent abroad
to a strong interest in mythology, cosmology and new scientific discoveries.